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Trusted Source For Small Business Referrals

I’ve been a member of First Canadian Barter Exchange (FCBE) aka Barterfirst since 2003. My reasons for being a loyal member of the barter exchange for over a decade are beneficial for any freelancer or small business owner too! That’s because your barter broker is your joint venture partner.

1. Great Customer Service From FCBE Staff
Whenever I needed some extra freelance income, the helpful staff at FCBE were able to find a business member looking for editing or marketing. I’ve also been able to test out new ideas, before spending a lot of time and money on the project. This not only minimized risks, this also helped me gain insight into prospect needs.

2. Long-term Trustworthy FCBE Members
Most of the +600 business members have been with FCBE for many years. This enabled me to find a trusted coach for sales training plus referrals for several prospects to help launch an exit planning service. This new service is for business owners with 5 to 50 employees looking for business succession planning in 2 to 10 years. The business and sales coach I used is Douglas Anderson (DA) of DA Top Talent, an FCBE member.

3. Improve Cash-flow With FCBE Barter Dollars
Over the years, I’ve spent the barter dollars I earned from editing and marketing, on restaurant meals, designer clothing, web design and other services and products from FCBE members. This enabled me to save cash towards my other goals.

If you are curious about barter, watch the video to find out how you can join for free at