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Free Vs. Paid Traffic for Blogs

seo_ppcMany bloggers focus on trying to get free traffic to generate sales because Google indexes blogs. Some bloggers even rely solely on this strategy. However – this is not a sustainable blogger business model. Free traffic (SEO) is not leveraged and you have no control over the outcome of what search engines will do. Paid traffic (PPC) is. Free Traffic vs. Paid Traffic:

  • Free traffic is traffic that comes from natural search engine results or SEO. For instance, let’s say a visitor does a Google search for “best restaurants in Vancouver.” Google will yield multiple pages of search engine results. As the visitor clicks on one of those webpages, it creates free traffic to that website. As a website owner, the more relevant your page is the higher in the rankings it will appear, and the more free traffic you will generate.
  • Paid traffic can be generated from Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or other platforms. The most common model is Pay Per Click (PPC). This simply means the advertiser pays a small fee every time someone clicks on his or her ad. No clicks, no fees. On Google, these ads are located on the right hand side of the page and usually on the top as well, surrounding the free or “natural” results.

Very few companies have grown much without paid traffic. There’s also the constant threat of the dreaded Google update, where you might wake up one morning with your website ranking on page 10 instead of page 1. When you buy traffic, you are in control. When you rely on a ranking system that nobody fully understands – your income is on shaky ground.

What is the Tactical Triangle?

One thing you’ll read online is that the ONLY three things you need to focus on online to build a sustainable online business are:

Traffic + Conversion = Sales

Those three steps are of course important, but there is a crucial fourth component that most people skip. Without it, your success will always be limited.

You see most people start by finding what they think is a “hot market.” Then, they find a product they can sell to that market. Finally they drive traffic to that offer to get sales. But I’ve proven this actually needs to be done in the reverse order.

Internet marketers Perry Marshall and Jack Born are the creators of the ‘Tactical Triangle.” It’s a simple tool that helps you add this missing element, and get you focused on making a profit.

The 80/20 principle – which says that 80% of your results come from 20% of your efforts, is the centerpiece and focus point of the triangle. Here’s their proven formula:

Traffic + Conversions + Economics = Profits

Economics is more than just simple numbers on an accountant’s ledger. It’s the kind of cash flow surges and sustained high-income levels that allow you the kind of freedom other businesses don’t have. There’s a stark difference between the cash flow generated by a $7 product and an $8,000 product – having a high-ticket offer puts economics to work for you.

Once you are making a profit, you can re-invest those profits into buying more traffic and converting that traffic; thus, improving your economics. The bottom line is that with paid traffic, you have control. Your business blog is a marketing channel that helps support business growth. It does that by driving traffic to your website and to turn traffic into leads and sales.

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