Small Business Marketing Automation With Infusionsoft and Hubspot

There are two main small business marketing automation software for comparisons: InfusionSoft and Hubspot. You cannot visit the InfusionSoft website and buy their software. That means you have to talk to a sales rep and that can be annoying when you’re still in research mode. So here is a review of the InfusionSoft benefits and features.

What is InfusionSoft?

InfusionSoft is a CRM and marketing automation package, which is ideal for small businesses with 5 to 25 employees. It combines sales and marketing functions all in one system for a small team that wears both sales and marketing hats. It even offers e-commerce capabilities if you sell products and services online.

InfusionSoft has e-mail marketing, CRM (customer relationship management) and an e-commerce platform – all rolled into one integration. Starting at $199 per month with no contract for basic marketing automation needs, the software includes many rich features:

  • Plugs into your CMS site such as WordPress so your content and campaigns can be pushed to your preferred social accounts and get tracked on InfusionSoft.
  • Enables you to build landing pages and web forms to attract leads.
  • Email system is based on tags for list segmentation, campaign execution tools, design templates, nurturing functionality and analytics. However, the email templates are only available for PC and not on MAC.
  • Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system built into its software to track where prospects are in the sales pipeline.
  • E-commerce with online storefront, shopping cart, upselling or discounting options, billing and payment plan execution, subscription plans, product inventory, fulfillment tracking, analytics, reporting and more!

InfusionSoft also has a Kickstart training program for $1,999, to help your business make the most of the software in the first 90 days, from building an overall strategy to creating automated processes: It is required training as the software is quite complex.

HubSpot Alternative to InfusionSoft

lizajlee2014-2The alternative to InfusionSoft is HubSpot, which makes some of the training widely available, such as HubSpot University: The software starts at a price of $200 per month (billed annually). It does not have e-commerce integration and requires a minimum one-year contract – monthly pricing (billed annually). It can integrate content creation and SEO, something that is not included in InfusionSoft as it only plugs into the CRM, such as WordPress. Therefore, HubSpot is ideal for small marketing teams or a small marketing agency. See graphics below for HubSpot functionality.

Whether you choose InfusionSoft or Hubspot, depending on the nature of your business (small online business vs. small marketing agency), the upfront commitment is over $2,000 for either. With InfusionSoft, you need to invest in the $199 for the first month and the $1,999 for the Kickstart training. With Hubspot, you need to invest $2,400 for the one-year contract.

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