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Stay Top of Mind With Small Business Email Marketing

With MailChimp, small business email marketing is easy and free if you have less than 2000 contacts. By having an opt-in which is part of your site, you’ll also be able to grow your list. Then you’re able to invite your list to your events with MailChimp. And you’ll be able to see the results of your email campaign, which includes the rate open and how you it performed against industry standards. If the click-through rate is below the industry standard, there are 6 tips for improving the success of your emails to increase visits.

Tip 1: Use Plain Text
Only use plain text with no fancy backgrounds, colors or cute little graphics. You want black words on a white background. Anything else is to hard to read and cannot be properly handled by some emails.

Tip 2: Use A Maximum of 60 Characters Per Line
Don’t type all the way across the page as it’s to hard to read. Plus, some emails will automatically break the line off at 65 to 70 characters anyways. This can really ruin the readability of your email if you haven’t formatted it correctly in the first place.

Tip 3: Use Short Sentences
Look at the sentences in this email and you’ll notice they are all relatively short. This makes them much easier to read on your screen. Whenever possible, break up your sentences. This makes it easier for someone to read your message.

Tip 4: Use Short Paragraphs
The rule of thumb is four short sentences. Anything more is to hard to read and causes the reader to delete your message without even reading it. Leaving “white space” in between sentences actually helps the “flow” of the message. It’s easier on the eye and increases the consumption of your message.

Tip 5: Do Not Use All CAPS
There are several reasons for not using all caps in your email:

• All caps is considered shouting at your reader.
• All caps can make it difficult for reading.
• Many of the email filters will bounce emails that use excessive caps.

You’ll increase your odds of your emails getting through to your reader. And you’ll make it easier for your readers to read once they get it by eliminating all caps.

Tip 6: Keep Your Email As Short As Possible
There is a major difference when writing emails for personal and business purposes. If you are sending emails for business, you want people to read them. Most of the people reading emails will not read them out of love for you. You must make it compelling to read with good headlines and make it easy to read. The Internet has created a group of people with very short attention spans. If it’s not compelling, short and easy, they’ll just delete your email.

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