SEO Copywriting in Tech and More

I have a BA in English from the University of British Columbia, Certificate in Marketing Communications from British Columbia Institute of Technology and Diploma in Digital Media Arts. I also have extensive experience working with product and SEO specialists, as well as marketing and creative directors for agencies and marketing departments for copywriting and content strategy.

Copywriting includes eye-catching, benefit-filled headlines, followed by powerful copy that compels your audience to read your message and to take action. The purpose is to persuade the reader to buy a product, service, call for more information, subscribe to your newsletter and other desired responses.

SEO copywriting also combines keyword analysis in headlines, subheads, body copy and call responses, as well as for title tags, meta descriptions, hyperlink tags, headings, body copy and image alt text, to improve the searchability of your website. This is also called onsite optimization and is effective for lead generation.

To attract the right traffic for sales leads on your website or WordPress blog, you’ll need to incorporate SEO and copywriting into your selected webpages or blog posts. SEO is the active practice of optimizing your site by improving internal and external aspects to increase the traffic that your site receives from search engines. SEO helps to increase a higher ranking placement in the search results page of Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines.

Here are the steps how an SEO copywriter can help attract relevant and targeted traffic:

  • SEO copywriting based on supplied text content
  • Research SEO keywords to optimize content
  • Provide title tags, meta tags and linking strategy
  • Proofread the final content on live website

Here’s a list of my copywriting experience from over 30 contracts:

  • Commonwealth FX (Fintech)
  • Binary Stream (ERP Technology)
  • DominionGrand Financial Corporation (Finance)
  • Sherwood Painting (Real Estate)
  • Residr (Real Estate)
  • Sherwood Investments (Finance)
  • Aiona Alive (High-end Skincare Products)
  • Western Union Business Solutions (Finance)
  • PCIS (IBM & Microsoft Partner) (Technology)
  • FREY WILLE (High-end Designer Products)
  • CK Global Solutions (Business Consulting)
  • TELUS Mobility (Technology)
  • Sage Simply Accounting (Technology)
  • Safe Harbour (Technology)
  • Advanced Genomics (Technology)
  • Suite Living (Real Estate)
  • Blast Radius (Seagate) (Technology)
  • Nokia (Technology)
  • MDSI Advantex (Technology)
  • Opticom Technologies (Technology)
  • Mag Power Systems (Technology)
  • Ebay (Membership and Technology)
  • ICBC (Insurance)
  • HSBC (Finance)
  • Terasen Gas (Fortis) (Energy)
  • PriceWaterhouseCoopers (Mining)
  • Shea Homes (Real Estate)
  • JWT RMG Connect (Advertising)
  • Sunrayzz (Wholesale Sunglasses)
  • Verizon Superpages (Advertising)
  • Door Knob Ads (Advertising)
  • BCAA (Membership, Travel and Insurance)
  • BNW Travel (Travel)
  • Bunting Coady (B+H) (Real Estate)

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