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Fail Forward Fast with the Right Mindset

A person can be educated logically, but if you’re not educated emotionally, the fear will stop them from doing what’s required for success outside of the system that most people get trapped in. This is called “paralysis by analysis.” It’s when someone, trying to avoid making a mistake, overthinks a situation with hopes of finding a way forward that involves no risk. It’s a fear of unfamiliar circumstances and of failing and it leads to no decision and no action (paralysis). Paralysis by analysis is caused by our educational system and its insistence on punishing people for making mistakes.

“A” students are successful only because they make the least amount of mistakes. This works really well in school, but is the single greatest cause of failure in business. In the business world, it’s the people who take massive action, make a lot of mistakes, learn and adjust their approach, make even more mistakes, adjust again, and then ultimately succeed.

The limitation wall is the way you presently think (your mindset). You can see a lot of the symptoms of the employee mindset; it’s plagued with excuses and a scarcity mentality. Well-known success trainer T. Harv Eker does a great job of showing the overall difference between a poor and wealthy – employee vs. entrepreneur mindset:


How to Shift Your Mind to the Right Mindset

Here’s a guided meditation to help clear limiting beliefs and shift your mindset. Please listen to the entire audio the first time. Then listen from 20 minutes to the end daily.


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