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How to Start Your WordPress Website

Why You Need a WordPress Website?

First, you need to get a website. Period. The simple fact of the matter is that people trust entities that they perceive as being “real” businesses. You may be creating your marketing empire from the garage or a spare bedroom, but if you have a real website that people can visit, bookmark, and share with their friends and family, you will have the look and feel of an established business.

Freelance copywriters are an excellent example of this sort of thing. While some well-paying markets are always looking for new copywriters, they tend to gravitate toward copywriters that have a website, complete with copywriting samples, contact information, and content that indicates that a true business is working there, not just a sideline or a hobby.

The same is true with marketing. Sure, you can post ads all over the place, but if there is nothing that builds up confidence in the permanency of your business, all those efforts will yield little or no return.

How to Choose Your Domain Name

The shorter you can make it the better. Most really short domain names are pretty much gone these days but if you can find one that fits, it might make a great choice. Here is a quick breakdown of some tips that can help you choose a good domain name for your online business:

  1. Keep it simple – Use only a few words, but make them specific to your topic or main service offer.
  2. Incorporate keywords if possible– Include keywords that people are searching for in your domain name to help your site show up in the search engines when people are searching on your topic.
  3. Choose your extension – In the website, the .com is your extension. There are others available for different industries such as .edu for education and .biz for business, but .com is the oldest and still most popular. If you can get a .com for the domain you select, then grab it.

How to Choose a Website or Blog Platform

A good platform to build your blog would be WordPress ( or Blogger ( These are blog platforms, where you can create your blog using the software they provide. In addition, you will also need some hosting space and domain name to set your blog running.

The big difference between WordPress and Blogger is that Blogger is a free tool. You will have to contend with advertisements from other people on your blog and you don’t own it. WordPress is ideal for any small business from startup to growing. Plus you own it and have control over your business asset that will increase in value.

Key Elements of Any Successful Website

There are several aspects that must go into creating a successful website and they include the design and graphics of the website, the sales page presented on it, the customer tracking or follow-up capabilities, and finally the use of other types of technology on your website to encourage sales and grab attention.

A good combination of attractive graphics that are specific to your product as well as a decent amount of content designed to help sell it is what is required. You’ll certainly want to have a logo of some sort and may choose to incorporate this in a header, which is a graphical bar that will go across the top of your website.

Creating your sales page when someone hits your website it is your job to make sure that the message offered is compelling enough to encourage them to purchase the product. This is done through the use of the sales page. You’ll want to include all of the features and benefits concerning your product as well as testimonials from satisfied customers.

Visitor tracking and follow up with people who are actually visiting your website you want to make sure that you capture some of their information because if they don’t buy the very first visit, you have no way to follow up with them if they leave. The best way to do this is through the use of an autoresponder. An autoresponder is simply a type of software that will allow you to load prewritten messages into it and send them out to your potential prospects at regular intervals.

Your Competitive Edge With a WordPress Website

Less than half of Canadian small businesses have a website. The Canadian Internet Registration Authority says three-quarters of Canadians research purchases online, but only 41.1 per cent of small businesses have a website. Overall, the study found that just 45.5 per cent of Canadian businesses are online.

This supports a 2014 report from a Harris-Decima survey released by Microsoft Canada.  The survey cited lack of time was cited as the number one reason for not having a website, with almost one-quarter of respondents saying they don’t have the time to create one. Also, one-in-five respondents feel that it would be too difficult to create on their own. As well, one-in-six in the survey point to the cost of maintaining a website as an inhibitor to growing their business online.

Below are screenshots of how easy it is to easy to setup your new WordPress site.

How to Setup Your New WordPress Site


Note: If you are using PHP scripts on your website (such as WordPress), then you will need to enable PHP. It is not activated by default. To enable PHP: Log into your hosting account ( Click on web options. Click on “Off” next to PHP Advanced. Click “Changes need to be applied”. Once you have done this, your scripts should start working in 30 minutes.

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