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Free Traffic vs. Paid Traffic to Make Sales

Many small business owners focus on trying to get free traffic vs. paid traffic to make sales. Some of these businesses even rely solely on the free traffic strategy. This is not a sustainable business model. Free traffic which can come from SEO (search engines), social media and email contacts is not leveraged. Paid traffic which includes PPC advertising such as from Google, Bing, Yahoo and Facebook Ads is.

  • Free traffic is traffic that comes from natural search engine results or SEO. For instance, let’s say a visitor does a Google search for “best restaurants in Vancouver.” Google will yield multiple pages of search engine results. As the visitor clicks on one of those webpages, it creates free traffic to that website. As a website owner, the more relevant your page is the higher in the rankings it will appear, and the more free traffic you will generate. This is called SEO.
  • Paid traffic can be generated from Google Ads, Facebook Ads, or other platforms. The most common model is Pay Per Click (PPC). This simply means the advertiser pays a small fee every time someone clicks on his or her ad. No clicks, no fees. On Google, these ads are located on the right hand side of the page and usually on the top as well, surrounding the free or “natural” results.

Very few companies have grown much without paid traffic. There’s also the constant threat of the dreaded Google update, where you might wake up one morning with your website ranking on page 10 or worse instead of page 1. When you buy traffic such as PPC advertising, you are in control.


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