Using Wordtracker to Find Topics for Your Blog

Before optimizing your website or blog, you will need to complete a research of valuable keywords. First visit the free version of Wordtracker to research your keywords for your topic:

Type into the keyword field the “root” keyword to research keywords for your web content. In this example, we are using “blogging” as the root word to find out if people are searching for solutions to their blogging problems. Of course, for your own website, you will use a relevant root word related to your own topic.


Once you have compiled a list and daily count of searches, you will know that the blogging root keyword has many people looking for solutions to their problems. You can then develop your SEO copywriting on-site and off-site for highly targeted and relevant traffic. More info at:

Using Google Adwords to Find Blog Topics

You can also research the problem statements on Google Adwords to identify the size of the market niche. Here are examples of blog post topics to search on Google Adwords:

How blogging
Make blogging
Learn blogging
What blogging
Where blogging
When blogging
Why blogging
Who blogging
Create blogging
Buy blogging
Find blogging
Produce blogging
Type blogging
Kind blogging
Advice blogging
Tips blogging
Guide blogging
Show blogging
Should blogging
Could blogging
Develop blogging
Become blogging
Be blogging
Make blogging
Select blogging
Choose blogging
Put together blogging
Put blogging
Coordinate blogging
Organize blogging

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