What is Marketing Automation for Lead Generation?

Marketing Automation for Enterprises

I’ve been reviewing Eloqua as marketing automation for enterprises, designed to close the loop for marketing and sales. This platform integrates campaign execution, testing, measurement, prospect profiling, and lead nurturing – allowing you to get new customers. Its mandate is to “Target, Engage, Align and Optimize leads to ensure that no opportunity falls through the cracks and leads are routed efficiently to sales reps, driving faster conversion for increased revenues”.

Marketing Automation for Small Businesses

For small businesses, there are other marketing automation systems that are more affordable, but can still provide powerful functions and insights. Marketing automation helps you discover leads through digital clues: with behavioral data to quickly understanding a contact’s campaign history and activity, and visually summarizes his or her activity within the CRM system. Leads are generated from your website, organic SEO, pay-per-click, lead capture forms, as well as offline marketing activities, such as tradeshows and networking, then tracked, analyzed and reported.

Automating Your Lead Generation

The lead generation automation includes the following high-level and three-step process between marketing and sales:

  1. Inbound leads, both email and phone are generally funneled to content such as a webinar or whitepaper, with a lead capture form where data is synched to a CRM system.
  1. Outbound phone leads are inputted into a CRM system through list sourcing and marketing and sales offline initiatives.
  1. Then sales-ready leads are assigned to sales reps for appointments, while non-sales-ready leads go through an auto-responder email series with relevant, targeted and consistent communications for nurturing.

Joint Lead Generation Program

Lead generation may include an arrangement with one of our partners and your business for a mutually beneficial agreement called a joint lead generation program. The purpose of this joint venture model is that our partner is paid on performance only. This removes the up-front cost risk to you the business owner, if your business qualifies for the program.

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