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A Digital Nomad is a Freelancer

I’ve done freelance work from home as a “digital nomad’ over the years and recently. I was represented by agencies for marketing and copywriting, which helped to build my solid corporate marketing portfolio. These include TELUS Mobility, Seagate, Sage, IBM, Microsoft, HSBC, BCAA, ICBC and Western Union Business Solutions. Then the primary creative agency suddenly exited the Vancouver market in 2010…

In 2013, I started working with several financial advisors who are also exempt market dealers (EMDs) and millionaires. This helped me to become more entrepreneurial… It was a slow process to overcome “lack and security mindset” to seeing opportunities. I discovered how they attracted new clients, raised private capital and built up their wealth. Here are just two of the methods they used to succeed…

Networking: These successful business owners were always networking and meeting new people. Their contact list was huge and they would stay top of mind with email news updates or phone calls to touch base.

Referrals: Many of their new clients came from accountants and other professionals. They nurtured their important joint venture relationships with dinners at restaurants, hockey games in the VIP box and exclusive weekend golf games.

Even on a budget, I built up my list by inviting people to my Mixers with guest speakers and free appetizers. For example, I hosted a Mixer at The Pint on May 31, which provided the downstairs for free with sponsors paying $200 in appetizers. Guests purchased their own drinks. I also joint ventured with and the Burnaby Board of Trade to promote the event. We had over 150 guests and over 50 of them opted into my email list on Facebook.

Free Facebook Relationship Strategies for Newbies

I could not leverage my agency and corporate marketing experience online as these campaigns rely heavily on big advertising budgets including PPC. Like most freelancers, I have a very limited spend for Facebook, Google or Bing ads. Therefore, I had to rely mostly on free traffic methods. That’s when I discovered how brand new business owners can attract new clients or affiliates with 100% free Facebook posts!

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