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Create A Vision Board to Grow Your Business

A vision board helps you get clear with your desires and leverage your subconscious power to manifest. This powerful tool serves as your image of the future – your dreams, your goals and your ideal life. Here’s an example of my vision statement to accompany my vision board:

I redid my vision board to look more 3D. 🙂 I actually made a vision board 10 years ago and the condo I bought with dark hardwood floors, granite counters and fireplace actually manifested a few years later. I’m in Vancouver which has the world’s most insane real estate prices! So that’s why I redid my vision board and turned it and the vision statement into a blog post to share across all my social media:

I launched Liza J. Lee Inc. to provide marketing for financial service clients to increase sales or raise private capital, including international real estate investments. The company also provides joint venture Meetups for members. 35 to 150 small business owners in Vancouver, interested in business opportunities are attending monthly events, as a result of our joint venture marketing.

My goal is to celebrate “$1000 Days” by helping 6 to 8 business leaders aka Vancouver Affiliates through networking and training. This will enable these leaders who are experienced small business owners to also raise capital for JV deals in real estate investments and other business opportunities, including affiliate training. They also support my values: “By adding measurable value with creativity, transparency and integrity, to achieve sustainable growth.”

I am moving into a bigger and more luxurious space to host dinner meetings for business leaders to make these experiences memorable. The location will be close to nature for inspiration and rejuvenation, yet accessible for guests to attend the dinner meetings. The “$1000 Days” will also enable me to take a Mastermind vacation at an exotic island getaway in 2017 to meet 7 and even 8 figure earners.

I started The Art Party with several art collectors to support the emerging art community in Vancouver. With the help of volunteers, it has grown to over 7,000 contacts on Facebook and will continue to benefit all stakeholders. Our local social impact mission is “Buy Local to Support Local Artists”.

The Art Party is an endorser of Earth Charter®, a pledge to join the global partnership for a just, sustainable, and peaceful world and to work towards the realization of these values and principles. The Art Party global mission is to create a legacy fund to continue to sponsor the annual “Earth Charter Day” with an art exhibition with partners of the Earth Charter® Cities Manifesto in affiliation with the United Nations.

Liza J. Lee
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