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Content Strategy for Community Building

Content Strategy for Social Impact and Community Building 

My content strategy experience includes +50 small businesses, corporations and events since 2001. Outside of paid work, I started The Art Party (Endorser of Earth Charter® for a just, sustainable and peaceful planet) with a Facebook Fan Page and Facebook Group as a volunteer in 2010 to promote the Main Art Drift, an annual event of local small businesses supporting local artists along Main Street, Vancouver. We used a Facebook Group and Facebook Events for promotions.

After the Main Art Drift campaign, we actually “forgot” about The Art Party Facebook Group until 2012. I wanted to keep in touch with the hundreds of people I met along the way to becoming a content marketer so I checked The Art Party Facebook Group and discovered there were over 700 Members at that time.

The Art Party promoted Buy Local to Support Local Artists to over 10,000 contacts on our Facebook profiles, Pages and The Art Party Facebook Group. The Art Party’s buy local post had 615 shares and 64 likes on The Art Party Facebook network. This inspired the tagline:

“Buy Local to Support Local Artists”

Facebook Supports Community Building With Facebook Groups

The Art Party Facebook Group allowed us to funnel our Facebook Friends into a “smaller space” for social networking and promotions. These Members support the arts in Vancouver, including live painting entertainment events from Golden Brush Art. We chose Facebook as the main platform to promote these events, as 86% of social networkers have a profile there.

Today, Facebook wants to build even more communities and that’s why we’re seeing a lot more posts from Facebook Groups. In fact, there are already over one billion people on Facebook Groups and some groups have over 100,000 members each. (If your audience is B2B instead, consider using LinkedIn Groups.) 

Mark Zuckerberg announced in 2018, “Facebook’s progress with groups based on meaningful groups, not groups overall. This will require not only helping people connect with existing meaningful groups, but also enabling community leaders to create more meaningful groups for people to connect with.”

How Google Local Supports Google My Business

Google founders are real philanthropists and they want to help the “little guy”, not just big advertisers with their Google Local Guide program. In 2018, I joined Google Local Guide, which helps businesses with Google My Business profiles. This is crucial for local businesses with brick and mortar locations. With Google Local Guide, local businesses benefit from crowd sourced photos and reviews, for their profile and to get more business.

Many art galleries post Facebook events and we shared these in The Art Party Facebook Group. Since I was already attending some of these art events, I would take photos with my smart phone. I captured over 800 photos at local art events and posted them on Google Maps and The Art Party Facebook Group.

By the end of 2018, I reached Google Local Guide Level 6 – by providing photos of local art events, resulting in over 2 million photo views after 8 months. The appreciation from local art gallery owners has been uplifting and I’m making a real impact in supporting my local community!

Today, The Art Party Facebook Group has over 1700 members as a social networking community for creatives and changemakers, including gallery owners, collectors and artists in Metro Vancouver. To check out and to join The Art Party Facebook Group, visit:

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