Blog Marketing Tips

Over time, quality content on your viral blogging system will attract free traffic. This is beneficial as the internet has made it possible for prospects to research your website and your competitors websites to better understand their available choices. By the time a prospect emails or picks up the phone to call you, they’ve probably made their buying decision, based on information provided by you, your competitors, and authority research sites.

To effectively communicate to your prospects, a viral blogging system  aka marketing automation is required to stay on top of how customers buy today – by automatically managing the targeting, timing, and content of your outbound marketing messages, in response to your prospects needs. To leverage the right content and timing, you need to be able to respond specifically to each prospect in the buying process with tools, such as email marketing to nurture your lead’s interest. I have found that sending out regular email newsletters can help to stop top of mind with leads.

Blog Marketing Tips With Email Autoresponders

In addition to email newsletters to an existing list, email can be effective for lead nurturing, a very powerful way to stay engaged with future potential buyers. Lead nurturing includes email autoresponders aka drip marketing, the strategy of sending a steady stream of automated email messages, to educate, stay top-of-mind and possibly persuade your prospects to stay engaged with you. The result is that lead nurturing can build a preference for your services or products, before your prospects are ready to call you.

By sending automated email messages to your prospects, you can establish a preference for your solutions, while at the same time understanding your buyer’s timing. However, this is only possible if your lead nurturing systems deliver content that is of high value and interest to your prospects and you have their permission to email them with a lead capture form. However, you will need high-value content for the opt-in in order to get prospect emails.

Marketing is changing rapidly as managing marketing campaigns and nurturing leads with email marketing can now being automated such as through a viral blogging system. This makes the client attraction process easier while providing a continuous flow of new leads into the marketing funnel.

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