Shortage of Talent for BC Technology Jobs

Focus on a niche or vertical and getting known in the industry as an authority to maximize your revenues. That’s how I have been able to do contract work since 2009. With social media, you can test out your niche and know if it is viable. I wrote a post on LinkedIn on BC technology and it continues to receive the highest number of views of all my posts!

The timing for 2016 is great for qualified talent looking for opportunities in the high growth BC tech industry. With the latest announcement from the BC government on the $100 million dollar fund to grow the industry, this includes attracting and retaining talent, as well as helping future talent with technology training – key strategies to meet the growing demand.

I was at the last Techvibes TechFest event and met with HR, hiring managers and executives, all saying there is a strong competition for talent. I was even offered a $1000 reward by one company to help refer new talent! Each TechFest event boasts up to 1,000 attendees eyeing over 300 career opportunities across 12 or more hiring companies.

The next Techvibes TechFest event is January 19, 2016:

In preparation for the next TechFest next month, I researched the BC technology job market and the key findings are very positive for 2016!

$100 Million Dollar BC Tech Fund

  • The BC Tech Fund will help BC’s tech sector with capital funding, enabling them to take the next step towards joining the ranks of other job-creating tech companies.
  • The technology sector directly employs more than 86,000 people, and wages for those jobs are 60% higher than BC’s industrial average.
  • BC’s technology sector is growing faster than the overall economy. In 2013, it grew at a rate of 4.7%, higher than the 3.2% growth observed in the provincial economy.

Shortage of Talent in BC Technology

Information and Communications Technology Council labour market outlook 2015-2019 shows there will be a shortfall of tech talent to fill jobs across Canada, including BC:

  • The demand for top ICT talent continues to grow and has resulted in expanding career options for ICT professionals, placing competitive pressure on the employers seeking technical ICT talent.
  • British Columbia employers will need to hire as many as 35,000 ICT professionals.

The latest BC Labour Market Outlook 2014 to 2024 reveals the following about BC technology:

  • The BC technology and sciences occupation group employs 155,000 – 6.8 percent of B.C.’s workforce.
  • By 2024, this occupation group is expected to account for 7.5 percent of total job openings (70,000 new jobs).

BC Technology Survey

Survey results released from the HR Tech Group indicate continued strong labour demand in the BC technology sector:

  • “The tech industry continues to grow… and employee attraction and retention continue to be top of mind for HR professionals working at BC tech companies.”
  • “We continue to see strong performance from the BC Tech sector and expect healthy salary increases for most tech positions.”
  • “Looking ahead, 73% of respondents have determined that they will be providing salary increases in 2015, and are budgeting an overall increase of 3% for lower mainland employees, with exact increases based on position”.

By providing $6 million through the BC Innovation Council (BCIC), to support the growth and success of the province’s vibrant technology sector. this will further the momentum of the BC Jobs Plan:

  • The BC Tech Co-op Grants Program encourages student training and job readiness through work terms with small technology firms.
  • The BCIC Innovator Skills Initiative is cultivating future technology leaders by bridging the innovation and entrepreneurial gap.

BC Stats for High Technology

  • BC Stats report confirms what I’ve been saying in communities, meeting rooms, and events since taking over this file—B.C.’s tech sector is an incredible success story.
  • Tech-based economic activity has grown to more than $23 billion, with last year’s tech exports exceeding $1 billion for the first time ever.

BC Technology Jobs Resource Links: