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After being approached by recruiters in the last few weeks for technology opportunities, I researched BC technology jobs for 2017 and beyond to discover continued strong demand for qualified talent, including marketing and sales. Here are my findings:

Qualified BC Tech Jobs Talent Shortage Continues

BC Tech is growing at roughly double the pace of the rest of the BC economy. The sector boasts more than 9,500 companies employing 90,000 people, with another 50,000-plus tech-related jobs in other industries such as mining, forestry and energy. BC Stats estimates sector revenue at $26 billion annually.

BC Tech’s own growth goals call for the number of companies with 50 or more employees to double ASAP, roughly 25,000 qualified workers. But without trained talent, BC tech firms cannot grow. To solve this challenge, the BC government is committed to investing and providing more training support.


BC Tech Fund Spurs Job Growth

The $100-million BC Tech Fund will help BC tech companies access the early stage venture capital they need to grow and stay in BC, help diversify the economy and create high-paying jobs for British Columbians. The BC Tech Fund is a fund of funds that makes direct co-investments into BC companies and BC-based venture capital funds.

These A-round investments will help BC’s venture capital system grow and in turn, spur on the creation of high-paying jobs and increase the strength of the province’s technology sector.

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Advanced Manufacturing Accelerating BC Tech Job Growth

Adding even more fuel to BC tech growth is the advanced manufacturing sector, which creates high-skill, well-paying jobs and supports innovation in the economy, allowing BC companies to compete globally. Clean technology, aerospace and marine are examples of advanced manufacturing, using innovative technologies to improve products and processes and to increase productivity, efficiency and competitiveness. The BC government has significant partnership investment opportunities available:

Technology Key to BC 5-Year Growth Plan

The BC technology sector is a major engine of economic growth in British Columbia, one that supports innovation and productivity across the entire provincial economy and creates well-paid, knowledge-based jobs.

To meet the demand for tech jobs, the BC government is committed to greater post-secondary emphasis on technology, as well as wider availability of learning and development programs like government-funded incubators and coding academies. K-12 curricular changes will also develop the fundamental skills needed for careers in technology for 600,000 students over the next 10 years.