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What is Call Tracking for Leads?

The internet has made it possible for small businesses to get new customers 24/7. What use to take months to set up and implement, can now be accomplished in a matter of weeks. The following five lead gen services can help small businesses get more sales quickly and affordably:

Sales Landing Page with Form

Landing pages are one of the most important elements of lead generation in the marketing automation process. An effective landing page allows you to direct your website visitors to targeted pages and capture leads at a much higher rate. A good landing page can target traffic from an email campaign, or visitors who click on a pay-per-click ad promotion. Visitors can either call directly or leave a call back email or phone number.

Email Autoresponders to Nurture Leads

Shopping cart abandonment reached 72% in 2011, and is steadily rising. Some visitors will return and will be more qualified to purchase than before. But you need to leverage abandoned shopping cart lead intelligence with marketing automation to keep the purchasing momentum going.

Paid Search with Google, Bing and Facebook  

Optimizing your Google, Bing and Facebook accounts will ensure that you’re spending your dollars as effectively as possible. Keyword relevance in your pay per click ads matter above all else. As you make efforts to target your ads, you will see an increase in ad delivery and a subsequent increase in ad performance, as well as lower costs per bid.

Top Local Directories Submissions

Local directory listings are becoming more valuable as 20 percent of all search queries are local and one in ten searches are mobile. With local listings, consistency is key. Your business name, address, phone numbers, description, website address will need to be consistent.

Call Tracking Number on Landing Page

After using the internet to research, 63% of website visitors completed their purchases offline according to comScore. That means, all the marketing effort going into attracting and nurturing website visitors is not properly being accounted for. To better understand which marketing dollars are truly driving sales, you need to set up call tracking for offline purchases. Call tracking records information about incoming telephone calls. When a prospect phones one of the call tracking numbers, the call is transferred through the telephone server to your company. The call is tracked from the advertising medium or keyword, which brought the contact, to help you know what marketing tactics are working and which ones to improve.

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