Liza J. Lee, Marketing Specialist

Vancouver Marketing Specialist


Liza J. Lee is a marketing specialist: marketing, content strategy and copywriting for financial services (insurance, investments, direct banking and mortgages) and fintech (global payments, accounting and ERP).

Experience includes: TELUS Mobility, Seagate, Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Sage, PCIS, IBM, Microsoft, HSBC, BCAA, ICBC and Western Union Business Solutions.

Since 2001: She has worked for over 20 companies in Metro Vancouver as marketing specialist by:

“Adding measurable value with creativity, transparency and integrity, to achieve sustainable growth.”


Download Marketing Specialist Resume (PDF).

“Liza is a “get it done” manager and I always look forward to working with her on projects. She is aware of budgets and deadlines and communicates her needs clearly. She has a great attention to detail and will let you know if you are off brand or straying from what the client has requested.” Bob Garlick

CEO, Raventech Consulting

It has been a privilege working with and promoting Liza Lee. We have referred many clients to Liza for copywriting and editing services and they have all been extremely satisfied. It is great to work with someone like Liza. I am completely confident that she will provide excellent work and treat each client with the utmost professionalism. Amber Noakes

VP Marketing, Barterfirst

Liza J. Lee goes the extra mile to ensure the lead gen marketing automation system is working 100%. From copywriting, PPC, email, landing pages, forms, call-tracking and analytics, she methodically tests, tracks and continues to optimize the marketing-sales funnel to deliver a flow of leads. Patrick P.

CEO, Dominion Grand